Optimising enterprise information

Our Business Solutions team helps to transform your business from traditional to digitised - where accurate data influences the way you manage your business.The customisation and integration of applications and data enhance data processing and achieve a higher level of workflow automation. As a result, we're able to provide deeper insight into performance across business functions.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) provides enterprise flexibility. It optimises the processing time within your operations, saves costs and increases the efficiency of business operations. This is achieved by mapping business processes, outsourcing and automating processes. The outsourcing of business processes extends from call centre operations to hosted solutions.

We apply our expertise in process architecture, process analysis and systems analysis to re-design processes that are in line with your ever-changing needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM solution is scalable and considers service strategy and design, people management, and operations management.

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Business Intelligence

The demand for instant, aggregated information is changing the business landscape. Reliable and timeous information is becoming the key to agile, competitive business.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) services include data and information strategy; data warehousing; analytical applications; and corporate reporting solutions including the design and implementation of organisational dashboards using our expertise in data.

The business value of Business Solutions


Full view

Enable a single view of your business and a deeper understanding of performance drivers.


Smarter decisions

Reporting, dashboards and data analysis enable better insight, reinforce accuracy and support you in making informed, more confident business decisions.

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Deeper customer understanding

Leverage your customer data and enance your customer experience and service delivery.

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Performance management

Drive profitable growth and apply predictive analytics to optimise business outcomes.

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Reduced costs

Eliminate bottlenecks, trim cost structures and create efficiencies with enhanced processes and workforce productivity.

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